Level up your vehicle detail pages (VDP) with featured videos and highlights

We believe that simple features should be included in a platform. That's why we don't charge extra for all of the bells and whistles.

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Highlight the vehicle features your customers care about

Nobody likes long feature lists or sifting through bullet points. Using a variety of data partners, Overfuel rank-orders a vehicle's features based on the importance to the customer. And, customers can filter baed on these features while browsing your inventory (SRP).

Reduce your bounce rate with fully integrated CARFAX reporting

By integrating CARFAX's four most important data points, we give the consumers what they want, at their fingertips.

So there's no need for a customer to leave your website or get distracted with multitasking. It's just one of the many ways Overfuel strives to keep your customers on your website and car shopping.

Did you know some dealerships pay $100s a month just to embed videos?

Since Overfuel is a one-stop-shop, we've included video embedding for free as part of our platform. So you save money while putting engaging content in front of your prospective customers.

Convert more customers with optimized conversion funnels

Dealership websites are often inundated with competing calls to action. Buttons all over the place; different colors, different sizes.

At Overfuel, we design lead generation tools with intent. We carve a clear path to conversion to turn your visitors browsing inventory into quality leads.

State of the art features.

Great products are our DNA. Our founding team has a track record of building enterprise-grade software, working with brands like Disney, Best Buy, Home Depot, among other Fortune 500 companies.

But don't take our word for it, see Overfuel in action.

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Straight-forward pricing.

Our plans include unlimited team members, expert guided on-boarding, and a dedicated account manager. And if you're moving over from another vendor, we'll migrate your content to ensure a smooth transition.

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