Real-Time Analytics

Go beyond page views and clicks with real-time analytics

Overfuel connects the dots between credit applications, trade-in offers, and other touch points that are often lost or disconnected as your customers are shuffled between third-party plugins.

Automotive Real-Time Analytics

Drive decision-making from a single source of truth

We're transforming the way dealerships use data to make decisions. Overfuel tracks and analyzes every activity on your website to optimize the buyer's journey, from first step to last.

While we do support Google Analytics 4 and meet Automotive Standards Council (ASC) standards, our analytics engine crunches the data to provide absolute clarity and a single source of truth.

Advanced analytics
Automotive ROI attribution

Know where your customers are coming from and which marketing dollars generate ROI

Overfuel handles lead attribution for all traffic, including:

  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Paid search & social ads
  • Referral traffic partners
  • Direct and organic search engine traffic

Know which cars and features your customers care about

Overfuel tracks every session, including:

  • Premium features like CarPlay, 3rd row seats, etc.
  • Search box inputs with spelling corrections
  • Click to call and conversion events
  • Form abandonment for following up with customers
Local automotive SEO
Hot vehicles

Arm your sales people with real-time intelligence

Leverage analytics to drive more sales.

  • Stay firm on price knowing which cars are trending
  • Improve inventory acquisition based on what sells best
  • Know the steps customers took to convert
  • Proactively reach out to abandoned leads

It's time for better analytics in automotive

Unlike Google Analytics, Overfuel tracks every step and interaction a customer takes from first visit to purchase.

Secure Data Collection

We embrace GDPR-compliant practices and encrypt sensitive data at rest

Real-time Insights

We crunch the numbers in real-time to provide unmatched visibility

ROI Analysis

Get true visibility into which marketing spends generate the most ROI

Referral Analysis

Use our data to negotiate better rates with your traffic referrers

Robust Reporting

Data can be sliced, diced, and filtered to meet your needs

UTM Tracking

Know which campaigns are converting to the most leads