Accept payments and vehicle reservations directly from your VDP.

Sell cars when your store is closed or your sales people are busy. Give your customers peace of mind that the vehicle they want will be available when they arrive.

Accept secure online deposits to reserve vehicles
Accept online vehicle deposits

No extra fees or middle men

Plug in your Stripe account and go. By connecting your Stripe account, you can enable customers to put down deposits to reserve vehicles purely online.

There are no middle men or extra processing fees. Deposits can be collected and transferred to your bank account whenever you like.

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Case Study

Fishers Imports

"In our first month, we collected 38 online deposits! That's $19,000 in value and 38 cars sold off-hours. It's a game changer!" - Peyman R., Fishers Imports

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Online deposits collected in first 90 days
Sales converted from online deposits
Increase organic search impressions
Monthly savings from consolidating

Sell more cars with frictionless payment processing

Simple Setup

Get up and running and accepting payments in minutes

Ease of Use

If you need to issue a refund, it only takes a couple of clicks

Industry-leading Support

Our support team offers industry-leading response times