Level up your vehicle listings with ChatGPT and engaging content

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AI vehicle descriptions

Attract more customers with AI-enhanced inventory

As we all know, artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage right now. It's why we've built an integration with ChatGPT to produce compelling vehicle descriptions to elevate your VDP.

As vehicles come and go from your lot, you can still reap the benefits of rich, engaging content that compounds over time. Think of it like turning every vehicle listing into a blog—except it writes itself, automatically, on your behalf.

Stop wasting $100s per month to embed videos

Since Overfuel is a one-stop-shop, we've included video embedding for free as part of our platform. We proactively monitor the YouTube channels of our dealerships to automatically detect videos and embed them on your vehicle detail page (VDP).

Save money while putting engaging content in front of your prospective customers.

Automated YouTube videos
Local automotive SEO

Reduce bounce rates with fully integrated CARFAX reporting

By integrating CARFAX's four most important data points, we give the consumers what they want, at their fingertips.

So there's no need for a customer to leave your website or get distracted with multitasking. It's just one of the many ways Overfuel strives to keep your customers on your website and car shopping.

Highlight the vehicle features your customers care about

Nobody likes long feature lists or sifting through bullet points. Using a variety of data partners, Overfuel rank-orders a vehicle's features based on the importance to the customer. And, customers can filter baed on these features while browsing your inventory (SRP).

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