June Product News: AI vehicle descriptions, OEM incentives and more

Alex Griffis June 1, 2023

It’s been a busy couple of months here at Overfuel! We’ve made a handful of improvements we’d like to share with everyone. Since our product roadmap is ambitious, our goal is to send a monthly newsletter to keep our customers in-the-know.

🤖 AI vehicle descriptions powered by ChatGPT

As we all know, artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage right now. It’s why we’ve built an integration with ChatGPT to produce compelling vehicle descriptions to elevate your VDP. And here’s why it matters: when it comes to search engine indexing, content is king. As vehicles come and go from your lot, you can still reap the benefits of rich, engaging content that compounds over time. Think of it like turning every vehicle listing into a blog—except it writes itself, automatically, on your behalf.

📍Forms: address auto-completion

We’re striving to increase conversions by making lead forms just a little bit easier, starting with using Google Maps’ auto-complete plugin to consolidate address, city, state, and postal code into a single input field.

💰 New data: OEM Incentives

For our franchise dealerships, we’ve partnered with JD Power to display OEM incentives data and compliant MSRP pricing. Custom pricing labels and standard discounts can also be applied.

✏️ New feature: blogging

Blogs have been added as an available feature to all website packages. Not only are blogs a cost-effective way of generating more traffic, but our intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes content creation a breeze. What’s ahead: We’re developing content analysis tools to highlight your inventory based on the content (make, model, body type, etc.)

Other things worth mentioning…

  • Content blocks: Offers & Coupons
    Alongside staff directories, FAQs, and customer reviews, we’ve added an easy way to manage the display of coupons and offers on your website.
  • Schema.org FAQ snippets
    To further enhance SEO, rich schema.org snippets have been added to frequently asked questions. These instruct search engines to match up your website content to relevant keywords in its search results.
  • Photo Swiper on Search Results Page (SRP)
    Customers can swipe through the first handful of photos on a vehicle directly from the search results page (SRP) without having to click through to the vehicle.
  • SEO Landing Pages
    We’ve launched custom pages to feature your inventory by manufacturer, I.e. /used-bmw-indianapolis. This update benefits all customers by providing SEO-friendly search results pages (SRP) by increasing indexing and local search impressions.

By Alex Griffis

President and CTO, Overfuel