Hot off the press: 700Credit announces alliance with Overfuel

Alex Griffis December 22, 2023

We’re excited to reveal our alliance with 700Credit! By integrating their pre-qualification platform, Overfuel made it incredibly easy for consumers to obtain their credit score range to personalize estimated payments and better understand their buying power. All while not requiring PII like their DOB or SSN and without impacting their credit score.

Integrating pre-qualification forms, also known as “soft pulls,” Overfuel is continuing to round out its fully integrated suite of finance tools, including:

  • End-to-end digital retailing
  • Instant cash trade-in offers
  • Personalized car payment calculators
  • Soft pull / pre-qualification applications

After a potential customer obtains their credit score range with the pre-qualification form, estimated payments are personalized to their credit situation. With transparent and personalized financing, customers can better find the right vehicle within their budget.

To learn more about this announcement, check out the press release on Yahoo! Finance.

By Alex Griffis

President and CTO, Overfuel